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Street vending and the Urban Games Events

How the games impact the street vendors, how their economic activities are criminalized, how urban laws are suited against street vendors can be read in this article on indiatalkies.com:

Wiped off streets for CWG, vendors scramble for living

New Delhi, Nov 14 – Seventy-year-old Shanti was a garland seller for 40 years on the streets of Delhi. Now she sits in a cold corner of a shelter for the homeless. She has lost her courage to venture out after being thrown into jail as part of a security drive for the Commonwealth Games (CWG).


And the same urban politics affected street vendors in South Africa as well, when the FIFA was held in the country, see here on euronews.com:

It is hoped that the World Cup will bring economic benefits to host nation South Africa, but local street vendors in Johannesburg won’t be seeing the profits.

They’ve been cleared off the pavements to make way for official FIFA partners – Pinky Pinkoli, for example, has had to give up the central spot she’s held for 26 years.

“It’s unfair, the only people who are going to benefit are those who have got big businesses,” she says, “hawkers wont benefit because they are chasing them”.



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