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Click here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/travel/interactive/2013/jan/21/hong-kong-street-food-stalls-interactive to have virtual tour on Food Stalls in Hong Kong, published on the website of the guardian.


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The article, from 20th February 2010, on the website from ekatherimini.com states the growth of illegal street vending in the crisis: http://www.ekathimerini.com/4dcgi/_w_articles_politics_100010_20/02/2010_115052, pointing out that most vendors are immigrant vendors on the streets in Athens. And comes up with the old-fashioned idea – made by the municipal police – to change the illegal status to a more secure and legal status by participating legitimate street markets. If it would be so easy, why this doesn’t happen?.

And looking for other reports on  street vending in Greece, I came across reports of reports who critically view the role of the police, see the following links to incidents in 2009 and 2007. Street vending in public space for a person of color is transformed to a status of suspicion, and at this point it seems relevant to ask for the role of urban development policies who make the practice of street vending as an exception – and suspicious.

I found on the website of “clandestinenglish. Migration and Struggle in Greece – the clandestina.org blog in English by the Group of Immigrants & Refugees, Thessaloniki” this here: http://clandestinenglish.wordpress.com/2009/12/31/manhunt-against-immigrant-street-vendors-in-athens-center/:

Manhunt against immigrant street vendors in Athens center. Posted by clandestinenglish on 31 December 2009

On THE VOICE REFUGEE Forum I found the report, that 2007 in Thessaloniki a street vendor died after trying to escape a police control: http://www.thevoiceforum.org/node/578.

State Racism Kills: Tony Onouha death in Thessaloniki, Greece

Manhunt against immigrant street vendors in Athens center.

Posted by clandestinenglish on 31 December 2009

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Here an article reporting about the man-machine-phenomen in Berlin: People selling a sausage from a hanging grill on their body.
BUT – the article doesn’t mention at all the laws specific to the streets of Berlin – to which this heavy grill is according to.

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Ende September lief auf RBB der Beitrag zu ‘Stadtforschung und Strassenhandel’ von Axel Dorloff. U.a. wurden Alfonso Morales, Professor an der University of Wisconsin Madison, Straßenhändler vom Alexanderplatz und ich interviewt.

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This article in the L.A. Times features Street Vending in Los Angeles. Accompanied by some impressing photographs.

Los Angeles vendor pushes a balky cart through a precarious world

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Gestern, 11. Juni 2009, ist ein Interview zum Berliner Straßenhandel mit mir in der ZEIT erschienen.
Siehe REISEN > ‘Die mobile Wurst’

"Die Mobile Wurst"

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