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Market Halls have been huge buildings to encase street vendors and markets. I do remember vividly market halls in cities like Sevilla, or Augsburg, or Lisboa, or Valencia, or Mexico City, or Singapore. They were still operating and had a fascinating atmosphere of many vendors selling their stuff under one huge roof – no chains, no supermarket, only vendors. An atmosphere similar to week markets but operating on a daily basis in these halls.

Still there are cities who have their market halls still operating, as I have just learned in Augsburg. But in Berlin? I think the most prominent is the Marheineke Hall in Kreuzberg, still operating and very vivid. Others have been already closed and other struggle, see here and here. But there have been much more halls, and as well a huge one at Alexanderplatz. See the link and you will enter a gallery of plans, photographs and further information on the history of Market Halls in Berlin: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Market_halls_in_Berlin


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