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StreetNet, an international organizing organisation for street vendors has a list of street vendor organisation available. And looking for European organisations I found out, that there are listed in the category “other” countries, other than Asia, Africa and Latin America. The database is available here: http://www.streetnet.org.za/wp-content/dbforms/page6.htm


For Asia are 35 Organisations listed.

For are Latin America 117 Organisation listed

For Africa are 148 Organisations listed

and for Other countries, continents,… or whatsoever are 7 organisations listed: two from the US/New York, and the others from Europe, Italy/Rome, Moldova/Chisinau, Spain/Barcelona and Madrid.


It seems that the working people from the so-called “informal sector” are organized and get organised, in comparison to the amount of organisations the western countries look pretty pale. And some organisations do not only organise only the street vendors, these organisation from Spain such as “Union de Profesiónales y Trabajadores Autonómos” or “Unión de Asociaciones de Trabajadores Autónomas y Emprendedores” do organize the atomised, precarised and informalised workers.


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I just learned that Street Vendors in Chicago are organized, follow this link: http://www.chicagoworkerscollaborative.org/Street_Vendors.html

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